Member story of Katarina Bonde

Katarina G. Bonde is a passionate Board professional in multiple corporations and has a background from several CEO positions of international corporations in the US and Europe, raising venture capital as an entrepreneur and managing venture capital. She has been fundraising as an executive at many fast growing high tech companies as well as an angel investor.

She was part of Seraph Capital since its start in 1998, the first and longest continuously running all-women angel investment group in the US, and its president for 2 years. Katarina shares her time between Stockholm and Sonoma, California, where she runs a winery with her husband.

What’s your professional background

– I have spent most of my career in the tech sector. After a MSc in Math and Physics, I worked in sales and marketing, then got a CEO job quite early in my career, moved to Seattle and continued as an executive in the start-up industry there. Grew several companies to exit, including raising venture capital. Some did really well and some failed, but all in all a great professional experience. I have since moved on to work in a board capacity with both listed and unlisted companies, initially in the US but today Swedish based companies with international reach. I now live in both Stockholm Sweden and Norther California where we have a small family winery.

What is the most important feature as a leader?

– Listening, assessing and deciding. You have to listen to be able to utilize the skills of all the people you work with, you have to do it continually. You have to assess information from a number of sources, external and internal. And you have to make decisions, otherwise nothing happens. Managers often want more and more information before they make a decision. A good leader however, knows that there is a balance between time and information. If you listen and assess often, you should be tuned in to  make good decisions without too much procrastination and let people get on with their work.

What value has IWF Sweden brought to you?

– Foremost the network and friendship with women from many different industries and professions, both internationally and in Sweden. I was a member in IWF Washington in Seattle from around year 2000. I transferred that membership to IWF Northern California when I moved there. Then I started IWF Sweden in early 2012 (or rather restarted as there was a Swedish IWF much earlier, but they decided to leave IWF). I am now a double member and attend events in the Bay Area and Stockholm. I love the international conferences, especially the Cornerstone which happens in so many interesting places. It is a great way to get to know inspiring, accomplished and fun women.